[torquedev] Are custom ports possible?

"Mgr. Šimon Tóth" SimonT at mail.muni.cz
Wed Oct 27 06:39:42 MDT 2010

> I have also torque and pbs.pro running on the same cluster. I modified
> the Torque startup script /etc/init.d/pbs_* in order to get it running
> on different ports than PBS.PRO. e.g: (a snippet from
> /etc/init.d/pbs_server):
> 			daemon $PBS_DAEMON -p 35000 -M 35001 -R 35002
> and provided the new port in TORQUE_HOME/server_name


Yes I known about this possibility, the problem is that we are actually
kind of big and admins do sometimes mis-configure, so compile time would
be much better.

Mgr. Šimon Tóth

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