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Scott Wilson scott at epistemy.com
Tue Oct 19 03:07:57 MDT 2010

In short: no.

How I've been accessing TORQUE is through Dan Templeton's Java DRMAA bindings for Sun/Oracle Grid Engine. He was good enough to make them a fairly thin wrapping round the C DRMAA SGE bindings, so they're fairly straight forwards to port to use another C DRMAA binding (see http://blogs.sun.com/templedf/entry/porting_the_drmaa_java_language ). I've been using the FedStage ones from http://fury.man.poznan.pl/~mmamonski/PL-Grid/pbs_drmaa-1.0.2.tar.gz as the ones bundled with TORQUE are out of date, don't support half the methods and, as you have no doubt been discovering, are pretty much un-documented.

Even those aren't perfect. Thanks to DRMAA, a lot of options have to be put in through the native specification (mainly unusual things that nobody ever does like requesting resources) and not all of the available options are supported by the FedStage bindings (the bundled ones don't support native spec at all). I've been seriously considering switching to calling qsub with Runtime.exec(). Depending on how complicated the jobs you want to submit are, you may have to do that or figure out the native API.

If you're interesting in using the Java bindings, I can bundle them up and release them - I've been using them in development without making any changes for a while - but I'll need to sort out the copyright, licensing etc. and write something that'll build them.


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On 19 Oct 2010, at 00:10, Randall Svancara wrote:

> Hello,
> Is there any documentation on torque/pbs API.  I could make system calls
> and run qsub and qstat, which seems to be how most people do this but I
> would rather use the native API if possible.  
> Thanks,
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