[torquedev] [Bug 92] Enhancement to enable dynamic tokens

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> > This is interesting. We have a fully resource-aware server and scheduler.
> > Server part is in bugzilla here:
> > http://www.clusterresources.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=67
> > 
> > But we also have a separate external daemon for dynamic resources like
> > licences. You store licenses dirrectly on server? How do you handle the delay?
> As I have this implemented, in the case of a "dynamic token" the scheduler runs
> an external script to obtain the current number of available tokens/licenses
> rather than using the value specified on the server.  I also added a "dynamic
> token delay" parameter to the scheduler which causes subsequent jobs which are
> requesting the same "dynamic token" to be delayed a specified number of seconds
> before being scheduled.  A sufficiently long delay gives the previous job
> enough time to start and obtain licenses before the next job needing the same
> software licenses will be scheduled.

Oh, yeah that is kind of similar, we just have another middle-man that stores
the data and the schedulers reads this info when needed.

Btw if you are interested, our code is here:


http://goo.gl/x2PV is a direct link to our scheduling branch in public git
repository, the scheduler is in scheduler.cc/samples/world (its based of FIFO)

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