[torquedev] [Bug 86] Implement transparent resource limits

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--- Comment #10 from Simon Toth <SimonT at mail.muni.cz> 2010-10-07 08:25:59 MDT ---
> Simon, let us stop this conversation: you don't understand what I want and I am
> not going to explain it once again (what you're missing is that our jobs aren't
> requesting any resources from Torque, because they just don't know how much
> memory they are going to use).

Yes I understand that your jobs do not have resource requests on them. You can
even read my reaction towards this in the previous comment: "One of the
problems, but OK, this one might not be solvable."

What you seem to totally ignore is the correct way to approach this. You can
configure the server to add resource limitation to jobs (which will then be
enforced using ulimit) and YOU need to configure YOUR scheduler to understand
this correctly. In your case it means "ignore vmem resource".

Once again this is a scheduler configuration problem. Your scheduler is not
ignoring what you want him to ignore but instead of configuring the scheduler
you wrote a patch for Torque.

> I can use ulimit and cgroups, but it is simpler to use central configuration in
> Torque than to configure hundreds of nodes.

I am talking about central configuration on the server!

Ulimit is already supported in Torque. If you would implement cgroup support
into Torque instead of this patch it would be awesome, because cgroups give you
much more control over the limits.

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