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Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
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Hi all,

On 18/11/10 09:28, Chris Samuel wrote:

> So the plan is to meet at 7:30pm at the ACME
> Oyster Bar in the French Quarter which Garrick
> suggested and assures me is real and not an
> invention of Will-E-Coyote (Genius). :-)

Thanks to coming, we ended up with 8 people and decamped
to another food place as the queue for the ACME Oyster
House was too long (seems I'm the only person who hadn't
heard of it). :-)

We had 8 people altogether and had a good discussion
about things like possible use of HWLOC, experience
with GPUs (Gabe had valuable information about their
ability to swamp your PCIe bridge and stop your IB
and network working) and control groups.

Today I introduced Ken to Brice Goglin from INRIA
(one of the HWLOC developers) and we had a chat about
what it can do for Torque and also Brice asked what
Torque wanted from hwloc.  Ken said he's going to
join the hwloc mailing lists.

Brice has also kindly pointed me at the private
SVN branch for discovering PCI devices, so I've
attached an image of what it shows on our Altix
XE270 management node showing the various PCI
devices including our dual ported IB cards.

The non-labelled PCI device is a GPU, the code
currently has a comment saying:

/* FIXME: what about gpus? could try class "drm",
   but proprietary drivers won't appear there */

Brice is really interested in input from people,
so if you've ideas on this please go join either
or both of the devel or user mailing lists for
hwloc here:


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