[torquedev] [Bug 95] Support for GPUs

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--- Comment #8 from Simon Toth <SimonT at mail.muni.cz> 2010-11-04 10:56:00 MDT ---
> > Sorry, what I meant is that this sounds like adding a specific code for
> > handling GPUs. What will be done if for example disk space will be added as
> > next supported resource? More specific code for disk space?
> There is a small amount of code that needs to be added to support the gpu. It
> makes sense to put this in the nodes file with np because these are both
> processing type units. They will be requested similarly as well.

Well, any resource should be put into the nodes file. Specifying the resources
on the server instead on the node makes sense. I personally don't really like
the resources specified in node configuration file (although I guess, some
admins might prefer this).

> We could go down the path of assigning all resources in the nodes file but the
> other resources like disk space, memory and such are not treated the same as
> np's within TORQUE.

Well yes. NP's are treated as slots. That makes sense for CPUs, but not really
for anything else. GPUs can be still treated as slots, but there won't be no
slot mapping (because each slot for NP has its own sub-node).

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