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--- Comment #2 from Simon Toth <SimonT at mail.muni.cz> 2010-11-04 09:43:16 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> This is something that we have been thinking about at Adaptive as well. Our
> thoughts for the first cycle through are a little bit differently than is
> suggested.
> In the first pass, we are planning to report GPUs just like pbs_server does
> with processor assignment. We are going to allow the user to specify gpus=X in
> the nodes file, and then TORQUE will track which GPU is assigned to which job
> and report it. I'm thinking that $PBS_NODEFILE will add a line for each gpu:
> hostname gpu<index>
> And from there, each job should handle things (like grabbing the correct gpu),
> just like TORQUE does by default with cpus. Eventually, we have a number of
> features we would like to add, but first we want to release the feature as I
> have described it, and once this is used and people have need for more, we will
> add those features. I am convinced that this feature will be easy to add to
> TORQUE (Ken and I are actually working on it right now and we will be done
> soon) and will significantly improve GPU usage for our users. 
> From there, some of the features we want to add include the autodetection of
> gpus and exclusive access to the assigned gpus.

Just to clarify, when you are talking about cpus, you mean cpus (from PBSPro)
or ppn?

Anyway, to be absolutely blunt. I don't like this approach very much. Doesn't
look very generic.

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