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--- Comment #7 from Garrick Staples <garrick at usc.edu> 2010-06-30 21:09:57 MDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #5)
> > It is too a source build. Look, there, at the source files! And look at them
> > building!
> Yes, that's excellent.  I can be snide too,

Great! We'll make beautiful music together.

> When you are building RPM's, you are creating packages that will most likely be
> installed at the system level by an established package manager that has
> established practices, paths, and configuration settings.  Almost no one
> installs RPM into their own private directory, and 100% of those that do have
> to manipulate the aforementioned macros anyway or else it won't work.  So the
> macros values are ALWAYS right.

But you don't know what the builder wants to do. It depends on the situation.

> You've completely ignored people wanting to build using, for example, "rpmbuild
> -ta."  There IS a torque.spec in the distribution tarball, and its paths are,
> by default, wrong for this very reason.

Actually, -ta isn't ignored at all. I went through great effort to make sure
-ta works. Corner cases like 'make snap' took extra work.

> > Distros don't use the spec file in the tarball, so would they even care?
> And there's a reason for that:  Because most software authors don't understand
> RPM packaging and therefore don't make very good spec files.  This is precisely
> why.  :-)
> Furthermore, you're not just creating the spec file for distros.  You're also
> creating it for people who want to use it with their own RPM-based distro which
> might not supply torque packages directly.  And for them, supplying a proper
> spec file which uses RPM and its settings correctly would be a huge benefit.
> > Why did Debian even look at the spec file, that they don't use, and don't
> > distribute in their .debs?
> Perhaps because it's autogenerated by running configure but also included in
> the distribution tarball, meaning whatever paths they happened to use when they
> ./configure'd propogated into the resultant distribution channel, inflicting
> their chosen paths on an unsuspecting recipient?  :-)

I have a solution. configure should still generate a torque.spec that exactly
matches what the user specified, but the torque.spec shipped with a distributed
tarball from Adaptive should have prefix=/usr.

This could be done easily if whoever at Adaptive was preparing the tarball
(release or snapshot) always remembered to run './configure --prefix=/usr'
before 'make dist'. Unfortunately that won't work because he or she won't
remember to do it!

This solution must be automatic. configure must know when to write a
torque.spec with --prefix=/usr and when to do what the builder is doing. I
propose two ways to automate this: 

1) configure looks for a .svn directory (if .svn exists, then --prefix=/usr is
written into the torque.spec). 

2) a pre-written buildutils/torque.spec.dist that only exists in the svn repo
is used in the tarball (copied to torque.spec before writing the tarball).
buildutils/torque.spec.dist would not, itself, be distributed.

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