[torquedev] [Bug 66] merge debian and ubuntu build changes into TORQUE

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--- Comment #6 from Michael Jennings <mej at lbl.gov> 2010-06-30 18:17:12 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> It is too a source build. Look, there, at the source files! And look at them
> building!

Yes, that's excellent.  I can be snide too, but it's not going to accomplish
anything.  This know-it-all attitude thing really discourages people who are
trying to help the project and the community educate/improve themselves by
sharing expertise that others may lack.  You are certainly a guru when it comes
to TORQUE, but that doesn't mean that others don't have knowledge that might be
of use to TORQUE, or to you, or to Adaptive.

That said, I'm going to try anyway, because I'm stubborn like that.

When you are building RPM's, you are creating packages that will most likely be
installed at the system level by an established package manager that has
established practices, paths, and configuration settings.  Almost no one
installs RPM into their own private directory, and 100% of those that do have
to manipulate the aforementioned macros anyway or else it won't work.  So the
macros values are ALWAYS right.

So if you want to get pedantic about terminology, it would be more correct to
say that building RPM's is not a source "install."  But the point remains that
it is inherently distinct from direct use of ./configure and make install.

> The user can run configure with whatever paths they like. If they want
> ./configure --prefix=/usr, then that's great. If they want ./configure
> --prefix=/opt/torque, then Bob's your uncle.

The point is that "whatever paths they like" doesn't work in the world of RPM. 
The macros exist for a reason.

> This mechanism is specifically designed to build an rpm (and subrpms) for the
> builder following whatever options they want.
> $ tar zxvf torque-whatever.tar.gz
> $ cd torque-whatever
> $ ./configure --prefix=/great --uncle=bob --what=ever
> $ make rpm

You've completely ignored people wanting to build using, for example, "rpmbuild
-ta."  There IS a torque.spec in the distribution tarball, and its paths are,
by default, wrong for this very reason.

> Distros don't use the spec file in the tarball, so would they even care?

And there's a reason for that:  Because most software authors don't understand
RPM packaging and therefore don't make very good spec files.  This is precisely
why.  :-)

Furthermore, you're not just creating the spec file for distros.  You're also
creating it for people who want to use it with their own RPM-based distro which
might not supply torque packages directly.  And for them, supplying a proper
spec file which uses RPM and its settings correctly would be a huge benefit.

> Why did Debian even look at the spec file, that they don't use, and don't
> distribute in their .debs?

Perhaps because it's autogenerated by running configure but also included in
the distribution tarball, meaning whatever paths they happened to use when they
./configure'd propogated into the resultant distribution channel, inflicting
their chosen paths on an unsuspecting recipient?  :-)

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