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Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Jun 16 12:19:23 MDT 2010

By default mail is sent if a job is aborted or deleted. Users can override this with the '-m n' option on qsub. However, if a user has a standing policy to not receive mail I think it should be enforced.


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On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 11:05:25AM -0600, David Beer alleged:
> Hi all,
> Because of a support ticket, I noticed that TORQUE will force mail whenever a job is deleted by someone other than the job owner. I've also noticed that there are many instances where TORQUE will force email, and that forcing the mail takes precedence over a user requesting to never receive mail (in qsub). This makes me wonder, should we send mail to people that explicitly request to never receive emails?

Mail is forced for errors; conditions outside of the normal flow of events for
the life of a job. This makes perfect sense to me.

We've had several inquiries over the years about this. I've always had the
feeling that they didn't really want what they said they wanted. If we made "-m
n" really not send any emails, then those same users will get upset that they
lost the error messages.

Protip: As an administrator, su to the user before calling qdel if you don't
want an email sent. Sometimes we talk ahead of time and agree to delete a bunch
of jobs. The user already knows it is happening and doesn't need the email. If
the user doesn't know, then I remain root specifically to trigger the email.

$ grep -r MAIL_FORCE src | grep -v .svn

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