[torquedev] nodes, procs, tpn and ncpus

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>From a user perspective that is both lucid and logical.

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Currently when TORQUE is asked to run a job with qrun it interprets the
nodes=x as only a single node. Glen, if you look at listelem and
node_spec you will see this is the case. TORQUE also ignores procs and

I am going to modify TORQUE so it will process these resources more like
we expect. 

procs=x will mean give me x processors anywhere.

nodes=x will mean the same as procs=x.
nodes=x:ppn=x will work as it currently does except that the value for
nodes will not be ignored. 
That is a node spec of -l nodes=2:ppn=2 will look for two nodes with two
available processors. This can be satisfied on the same host or
different hosts. Currently this node spec will only get two processors
on a single node.

ncpus=x will allocate x processors to a single task. They must be on the
same host.

tpn can be used like ppn and it will be interpreted to mean use exactly
x processors from each node.
A node spec of nodes=2:tpn=2 will allocate two processors on one node
and two processors on a separate node.

I am interested in your input. 


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