[torquedev] array_changes and NUMA

Garrick Staples garrick at usc.edu
Tue Jun 8 14:16:59 MDT 2010

On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 01:56:42PM -0600, David Beer alleged:
> Garrick,
> I've been working a lot on the NUMA branch - its still undergoing massive development and testing so that it can be compatible with Ultra-violet hardware. Let's let the code stabilize and mature before we merge it back to the trunk. Also, it is not going to be released in 2.5 (its going to be in 3.0), so we wouldn't want to merge it back until that is released. 

I don't mean that you should merge the NUMA branch back into trunk, I mean that
you should merge some of the small, isolated chunks of changes that you want to

The distance between NUMA and trunk is staggering. There have been vast
formatting changes in NUMA that don't have anything to do with NUMA. I don't
know how these can be merged in any kind of sane manner.

NUMA was forked at rev 3508. Current is 3686.

$ svn diff svn://svn.clusterresources.com/torque/branches/NUMA@3508 svn://svn.clusterresources.com/torque/branches/NUMA | wc -l

$ svn diff svn://svn.clusterresources.com/torque/trunk svn://svn.clusterresources.com/torque/branches/NUMA | wc -l

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