[torquedev] routing queues

Martin Siegert siegert at sfu.ca
Mon Jul 26 15:53:21 MDT 2010


I am trying to implement a routing queue that sends all serial
jobs (i.e., all jobs that request a single processor only) to
a queue q1:

create queue default
set queue default queue_type = Route                                            
set queue default route_destinations = q1                                       
set queue default route_destinations += qs                                      
set queue default enabled = True                                                
set queue default started = True

create queue q1
set queue q1 queue_type = Execution
set queue q1 resources_max.nodect = 1
set queue q1 resources_max.procs = 1
set queue q1 enabled = True
set queue q1 started = True

create queue qs                                                                 
set queue qs queue_type = Execution                                             
set queue qs enabled = True                                                     
set queue qs started = True

set server default_queue = default

For now I ignore problems with combined requests like
-l nodes=1:ppn=2+procs=8

However, even requests with
-l nodes=1:ppn=2
-l procs=8

all end up in queue q1. The jobs then immediately after get deleted
by moab with an error:

job was rejected - job violates class configuration 'procs too high for class 'q1' (2 > 1)'

(This is for the request nodes=1:ppn=2).
In other words: this is not working at all.
What am I missing here?

- Martin

Martin Siegert
Head, Research Computing
WestGrid/ComputeCanada Site Lead
IT Services                                phone: 778 782-4691
Simon Fraser University                    fax:   778 782-4242
Burnaby, British Columbia                  email: siegert at sfu.ca
Canada  V5A 1S6

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