[torquedev] missing file checks

Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Jul 23 11:41:27 MDT 2010

On 07/23/2010 11:16 AM, Michael Jennings wrote:
> On Friday, 23 July 2010, at 17:48:57 (+1000),
> Chris Samuel wrote:
>> My main worry is that without nightly snapshots with those generated
>> files in them it becomes even harder to get people to test recent
>> changes as to test they'll go have to go through the pain of trying
>> to get a current version of autoconf, automake, etc working.
>> I agree that they ideally they shouldn't be there, but we need to
>> have something regularly produced that does have them for ease of
>> testing.
> I haven't checked, but it would be my hope that all snapshots would be
> produced the same way a release would (should?) be produced:
> ./configure&&  make distcheck
> Many projects have an "autogen.sh" script which does some variation of
> the following:
> libtoolize -c -f&&  aclocal&&  autoconf&&  autoheader&&  automake -a -c&&  ./configure "$@"
> Or, for more modern autotools collections:
> autoreconf -i -s&&  ./configure "$@"
> In those cases, the snapshot command simply becomes ./autogen.sh&&
> make distcheck.  Even without the script, autoreconf is still only one
> additional command, and it only has to be run by the person or script
> actually generating the snapshot, not by the user downloading the
> snapshot.
> No tarball, snapshot or otherwise, should ever be produced without
> containing the configure and Makefile.in files, libtool and
> ltmain.sh scripts, aclocal.m4, config.h.in, etc.  We're strictly
> talking about what the repository itself contains.
> Michael
So what does everyone do currently with the TORQUE tarball. When you 
install and configure TORQUE do you run autoconf and automake in a 
autogen.sh manner and then run configure. Or do you simply take what's 
there and run ./configure?

I am for whatever makes life easier for everyone.


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