[torquedev] 2.3.12 Release

Joshua Bernstein jbernstein at penguincomputing.com
Wed Jul 21 18:02:00 MDT 2010


I'd just like to add two things:

1) I think you ment 2.3.11 in the subject line, not .12

2) When bugs and what not are fixed and noted in the CHANGELOG, it would 
be hugely helpful to also note which bugs these fixes or feature 
requests go against. This way, people can go back and reference the bug 
report to see if upgrading will solve their problem.

This tactic has proved so useful for us here at Penguin, that whenever a 
bit of code gets checked in, a bug number *must* be supplied, otherwise 
CVS/SVN aborts the commit.

-Joshua Bernstein
Penguin Computing

David Beer wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
>> On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 1:08 PM, David Beer
>> <dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com> wrote:
>>> We are ramping down on the 2.3.* series. We will still fix critical
>>> bugs, but we will continue to not add any new features nor
>>> enhancements, and we encourage all to move up to either 2.4.9 or
>>> 2.5.0
>> now that 2.5.0 is out, I assume we are shifting 2.4.x to the "stable"
>> branch and only making bug fixes, no enhancements.
> Yes, I forgot to mention this in the release. The 2.4 series will have the status that 2.3 had when 2.4 was the newest release.

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