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Igor Ilyenko valexa at newman.bas-net.by
Mon Jul 19 12:13:33 MDT 2010


I mean the following.

> Igor,
> I applied your changes except for the following.
> -You will need to reboot your computers so that the new privileges take effect.
> +You should reboot your computers so that the SeCreateTokenPrivilege take effect.
> +You should restart your Torque components so that the other privileges take effect.
> The reason I did not include the first change because 'new privileges' will imply SeCreateTokenPrivilege.
'other privileges' is not 'new privileges'.

> I did not include the second because we are already rebooting the computer so the TORQUE components will need to be restarted.
> Let me know if I am wrong in my assumptions.
You should reboot your computers if the SeCreateTokenPrivilege needs only.

If other privileges are necessary (except the SeCreateTokenPrivilege),
it is enough to restart your Torque components only


Igor  Ilyenko

Software Architect

United Institute of Information Problems NAS of Belarus

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