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Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Jul 19 11:55:46 MDT 2010


I applied your changes except for the following.

-You will need to reboot your computers so that the new privileges take effect.

+You should reboot your computers so that the SeCreateTokenPrivilege take effect.

+You should restart your Torque components so that the other privileges take effect.

The reason I did not include the first change because 'new privileges' will imply SeCreateTokenPrivilege.
I did not include the second because we are already rebooting the computer so the TORQUE components will need to be restarted.

Let me know if I am wrong in my assumptions.


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I thank you for your remarks about README.cygwin.
I thank particularly Chris for his valuable changes.

This is very right decision to use a philosophy of small steps.

Chris have taken the first step.
I've taken the second step.

The README.cygwin diff is attached.

Who is the following?

17.07.2010 02:02, Ken Nielson wrote:
> First of all I want to thank Igor Ilyenko, Yauheni Charniauski and
> Vikentsi Lapa for getting TORQUE working with Cygwin. I also appreciate
> the contribution of the README.cygwin file. They did a great job
> considering English is not their first language. I speak Mandarin
> Chinese but I doubt I could write a document for TORQUE that would meet
> the standards for Chinese.
> Without minimizing their contribution I am asking if there is anyone out
> there who has installed and used TORQUE on Cygwin that would be willing
> to edit the README.cygwin file so it is more consistent with English
> grammar?


Igor  Ilyenko

Software Architect

United Institute of Information Problems NAS of Belarus

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