[torquedev] 2.5 Release

Joshua Bernstein jbernstein at penguincomputing.com
Wed Jul 14 14:56:55 MDT 2010


I have no objections as our limited testing has been going well. Though 
my thoughts would just be around clearly posting a CHANGELOG or 
something similar as to what actually has been changed or fixed from 
previous versions.

In the past, we sometimes get this on post to the list, or if we're 
lucky a CHANGES file in the tarball, but ideally I'd like to see 
something posted easy a website. Again, I'm making a point for a 
community website here.

With the 2.5.0 release we have the opportunity to start fresh and start 
to make some improvements around policy.

-Joshua Bernstein
Penguin Computing

David Beer wrote:
> Hi all,
> In my understanding, we had one bug reported for the beta release
> that has been addressed already. I'm referring to the bug Martin
> Siegert reported about resources_avail.
> Troy Baer also reported issues with the build, but we believe that
> this is an issue with TORQUE and UV, and isn't pertinent to the
> release of TORQUE 2.5.
> What I'm saying is, testing appears to be going well, and barring any
> major setbacks we intend to release 2.5.0 on Friday, July 16th. We
> are confident that the 2.5 release will be stable and are anxious to
> deliver the new functionality to our community.

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