[torquedev] torque 2.5: resources_avail changes?

Martin Siegert siegert at sfu.ca
Fri Jul 9 16:53:29 MDT 2010


I am experimenting with the torque 2.5 beta, but I am failing at a
very elementary stage already:

How do I set the available resources?

Under torque-2.4.8 I used, e.g.,

set server resource_avail.procs=1280

But when I try that now on the test system:

Qmgr: set server resource_avail.procs=16
qmgr: Syntax error - cannot locate attribute
set server resource_avail.procs=16

(I get similar responses when trying to set resource_avail.ncpus or
But without the setting moab moves the job into the blocked queue:

BLOCK MSG: inadequate procs in system: (R:8, C:0) (recorded at last scheduling iteration)

Is there a new syntax for this in 2.5?


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