[torquedev] [Bug 70] new configure.ac changes... need testers!

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Fri Jul 9 12:11:32 MDT 2010

On Friday, 09 July 2010, at 12:06:29 (-0600),
David Beer wrote:

> I would just like to note again that we have a branch (NUMA) that
> has been tested and runs on UV systems.


> During testing, I had the same error that Troy is getting and it was
> due to an image problem on the machine. All of the libraries that it
> claimed were absent were actually present, but it wasn't finding
> these libraries. Once I fixed libcap, it had other issues with other
> libraries, I don't remember them all. Once I got someone from SGI to
> look at the machine they discovered the problem, installed a correct
> image, and I never saw the problem again.

When you say "image," does that mean an OS image or something else?

Do you have any details on what differed between what you had
originally and their "correct" image?  I'd be curious to know what
their ultimate solution was.

Anyway, thanks for the info; I'll keep that in mind for when our UV
comes in!  :-)


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