[torquedev] [Bug 70] new configure.ac changes... need testers!

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Fri Jul 9 11:58:14 MDT 2010

On Friday, 09 July 2010, at 10:47:47 (-0700),
Garrick Staples wrote:

> Screw it. I'm taking out the extra checks because there is no sane
> way to do it.

I agree.  At least there's no sane way for torque to do it.  Whoever
packaged libjob screwed up because there should be no way to remove
libcap-devel or libpam-devel from a system without also removing the
package containing libjob.la.  Assuming it was installed via RPM...

If it's a SuSE package, there's a hope of getting it fixed.  If it's
an SGI package (or worse, not packaged at all), the only other
solution I can think of is to "fix" libjob.la (likely by removing it).

We're scheduled to get an SGI UV system soon, so if I run into this,
I'll try to nail down the blame and pursue a fix.  But for torque, I
think making Adaptive and the community aware of the situation, and
maybe a FAQ entry, are the best options.


PS:  The good news is that I found a Debian bug entry on this very
subject which was forwarded upstream to the autoconf maintainers.  The
bad news is that it was from 2004.  :-|

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