[torquedev] [Bug 70] new configure.ac changes... need testers!

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Fri Jul 9 11:42:19 MDT 2010

On Friday, 09 July 2010, at 10:47:22 (-0400),
Troy Baer wrote:

> Case 6:  CSA disabled, job-create enabled, libcap-devel uninstalled
> pam-devel installed -- configure succeeds(?), build fails linking
> pbs_mom with missing -lcap.

This is what I would expect if my libjob.la theory is correct, due to
configure not using libtool to do the link test.

Did you ever find a .la file?

The added check for -ljob -lcap -lpam is, IMHO, the wrong way to go
about it.  You never know what libjob may depend on in the future or
on other platforms which differ slightly.

I really think the fundamental problem here is that autoconf doesn't
use the same linker that the resulting build uses.

Try setting ac_link="$LIBTOOL --mode=link $ac_link" and see if
configure starts failing if libcap-devel/libpam-devel is missing.


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