[torquedev] [Bug 70] libcap-devel and pam-devel apparently required to build TORQUE 2.5 beta

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Michael Jennings <mej at lbl.gov> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Michael Jennings <mej at lbl.gov> 2010-07-08 18:04:42 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> linux/libmommach.a -L/opt/cray/job/default/lib64 -ljob  -lutil
> ...
> job_qs_upgrade.o  linux/libmommach.a -L/opt/cray/job/default/lib64
> /usr/lib64/libjob.so -lcap -lpam -lutil ../lib/Libattr/libattr.a

This is because libjob requires libcap and libpam.  This really has nothing to
do with torque itself.

> [reconfiguring with --disable-pam and rebuilding results in exactly the same
> behavior as above]

Because torque isn't depending on libpam directly, but rather by way of libjob.

As I said on the ML, I'm betting there's a libjob.la that's causing this, but
even if it were just using the shared library dependencies of libjob.so to pull
in libcap and libpam, you'd still need them.

It used to be that --disable-csa would prevent "-L/opt/cray/job/default/lib64
-ljob" from being added to $MOMLIBS.  This is no longer the case, and on any
system that has a libjob (even if it's not a Cray) with a job_create()
function, libjob will be linked.  There seems to no longer be an option to
prevent this.

But the bottom line is that it's libjob, not torque, that's pulling in libcap
and libpam.

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