[torquedev] Turning off libtool

"Steffen Möller" steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Thu Dec 16 07:11:23 MST 2010


> > I'm trying to package Torque into debian packages, but libtool is

Domique already pointed you to the Debian package that is already 
in the distribution. You have direct access also via

> > re-linking binaries against nonsensical libraries which is
> > preventing me from creating a working package.
> Libtool does not link binaries against "nonsensical libraries."

have you tried --as-needed ?

> What is the exact behavior that you're seeing?  Most unexpected
> behavior on the part of libtool can be explained by the content of the
> various *.la files on the system in question.  These files are
> essentially useless on Linux for system libraries, so you might want
> to try backing up and removing all *.la files in /lib* and /usr/lib*.
> Then "make distclean" and try again.

And if there is something to improve on the existing Debian and Ubuntu
packages (which actually build twice, i.e. with and without X) then
please communicate them back.



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