[torquedev] Trunk And Multithreading

David Beer dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Dec 10 10:16:32 MST 2010

> I agree with a branch. These changes make me nervous, and I think
> they will take a while to get right. I'm also not excited about the
> resizable array and storing jobs out of order - can we come up with a
> better way (even if it is more difficult to code)?

I meant to include this in the original email, but the out of order part of things is something I consider a bug that I will fix. I was including it in the email so people would know its something on the radar already, but I forgot to write that part in the email. My mistake on the confusion.

As for the resizable array, this is something I believe is necessary for multi-threading, but I also believe it is a superior solution. There is plenty to discuss about that, so perhaps it would be best to start a new thread for that discussion. 

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