[torquedev] [pbs_mom patch] job exceed limits

Vikentsi Lapa vlapa at newman.bas-net.by
Tue Dec 7 08:48:40 MST 2010

Hi, all.

I send my mail once again, because previous stay without answer.

My job file is

 #PBS -l nodes=4:ppn=2,walltime=00:00:20
 sleep 40

After job run I have stderr file with 

 =>> PBS: job killed: walltime 51 exceeded limit 20

Error is cygwin related. They appear because we don't have root (UID=0) user in
cygwin enviroment and seteuid(0) not work. Error appear only if one of limit
exceeded. Attached patch fix this differences. Please, examine it and add to repository.
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