[torquedev] [Bug 67] Support for counted resources on nodes

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Wed Aug 4 11:14:39 MDT 2010


--- Comment #25 from Ken Nielson <knielson at adaptivecomputing.com> 2010-08-04 11:14:39 MDT ---
> There are no ncpus in Torque server. The only thing that server understands is
> ppn. As already discussed several times in the mailing list. PPN doesn't have
> the semantics of either processor or processes.

My post stands corrected. ncpus is not in TORQUE. However, ppn does mean
processors per node
- see nodes) The -l nodes=1:ppn=2:ncpus=3 creates more ambiguity. 

Processes is not a well defined term for TORQUE. What does it mean to have 2
processes with 3 cpus each. TORQUE views process and processor as the same

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