[torquedev] 3.0-alpha branch added to TORQUE subversion tree

David Singleton David.Singleton at anu.edu.au
Mon Apr 26 18:12:46 MDT 2010

On 04/27/2010 09:07 AM, David Beer wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
>> On 04/27/2010 03:28 AM, Ken Nielson wrote:
>>> The last part of my last response was not as clear as I wanted.
>>> We definitely want to get user response about the Multi-MOM, but
>>> what I
>>> really would like to get input for is how people are using their
>>> NUMA systems. How do they lock down nodes and memory etc.
>>> Ken Nielson
>> Isn't a MOM per node-board or any other subset of an SMP a restriction
>> on shared memory job sizes? Why does it help in the NUMA case to have
>> a MOM per node board? Do these MOM's segregate NUMA node memory as
>> well.
> No, our implementation does not restrict the job size of a shared-memory job. This is only restricted by the amount of memory in the system.

So I'm confused.  If I run a 32cpu shared memory job, do multiple MOMs
get the job?  Hopefully just one?  And that one allocates a cpuset
"underneath" other MOMs on other nodeboards?  If MOMs can overlap in
the cpus they "manage", what is the value of multiple MOMs?


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