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Simon Toth SimonT at mail.muni.cz
Wed Apr 7 07:14:42 MDT 2010

Dne 7.4.2010 04:25, Garrick Staples napsal(a):
> On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 07:58:47PM -0400, Dominique Belhachemi alleged:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Thanks for working on Torque. It is a great software.
>> I am using Torque on Debian right now and am creating CMake files for
>> Torque.
>> My goal is to simplify the configuration and compiling procedure for
>> Torque. Once this is finished, Torque can be easily configured and used
>> on a variety of architectures where CMake is available.
>> It is not necessary to touch any existing files. All what happens is to
>> add a CMakeLists.txt file to some folders. Mostly there where you can
>> find a Makefile.am right now.
>> Would this be helpful for the Torque project?
> Recently asked:
> http://www.supercluster.org/pipermail/torquedev/2010-January/001873.html
> Same answer:
> http://www.supercluster.org/pipermail/torquedev/2010-January/001875.html
> I still don't understand why anyone would want to convert an actively
> maintained autoconf setup that runs well on every platform.

The reasons are many:

* cmake is much easier to maintain/modify/use
* cmake does handle most of the logic internally (no need to write
custom scripts, and crazy make rules)
* cmake runs pretty much everywhere (including platforms not supported
by automake)
* cmake is a lot faster (this does matter, only when you always compile
from scratch)
* cmake is just a part of a larger ecosystem (ctest,cdash,cpack)
* cmake is used by many opensource projects and is very actively developed
* transformation from automake to cmake is relatively painless
(transformation scripts are avaiable)

Mgr. Simon Toth

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