[torquedev] PPN/Node state bug?

Simon Toth SimonT at mail.muni.cz
Thu Sep 17 02:33:25 MDT 2009

>> Maybe he needs the count, the server doesn't.
>> Try:
>> qsub -l nodes=1:ppn=5#shared -I
> Not cancelled, but won't run because no nodes have
> the "shared" feature.
> I'm still not sure what this is meant to do!

Well, by default, all requests for nodes are exclusive (confirmed by
reading the server code). This should mean (according to Torque
documentation), that when you allocate a node to a job, you can't run
anything else on that node until the job finishes.

I also have PBS pro documentation here and it actually supports a
separate flag for this: "#excl" (not sure what is default).

If you don't need exclusive allocation, you have to specify "#shared"
(for example if you just need to calculate something, then you don't
really care that there are other jobs on other CPU's of the machine).

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