[torquedev] PPN/Node state bug?

Simon Toth SimonT at mail.muni.cz
Fri Sep 11 10:47:28 MDT 2009

> Until all processes are busy pbsnodes will report the node as free. This
> is because there are available processes free for that node. Once all
> nodes are used the state becomes job-exclusive because at this point
> there are no processes available.

Can you elaborate on the difference between shared and exclusive then?

Torque doesn't support cpus (at least I don't know about it), so, if I
have a 5cpu MOM I set the np to 5 on the server, and then request the
cpus using ppn, when I submit jobs.

Logically I would assume that if the jobs is exclusive and I request
ppn=3 and my job is assigned to a MOM with np=10 no other jobs will run
on this MOM.

I have added support for npfree to the server, so the scheduler can see
how many cpus are still free on the MOM, but because the server reports
the MOM as free (even if there is an exclusive job), I can't distinct
between shared and exclusive jobs and run all as shared.

[please clarify where I'm going wrong]

> The semantics of this I guess would be a free process = a free state.
> The scheduler knows  processes are available because  TORQUE reports the
> number of processes that are busy or idle.

Where does he report this?

> Moab reports nodes as Idle (all processes available), Running (at least
> one process running), or Busy (all processes are running).

Moab is not included in my setup.

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