[torquedev] New job_must_report pbs_server feature

Ken Nielson knielson at clusterresources.com
Sat May 9 04:38:44 MDT 2009

I thought this information about how PERL manages its releases might be useful.

"Stable releases of Perl, intended for the general public, have a version number x.y.z where z is less than 50. Currently, we're at 5.6.0; the next major stable release is going to be 5.8.0. Cases where z is more than 0 are maintenance releases issued to fix any overwhelming bugs. This happens extremely infrequently. For example, the 5.5 series had three maintenance releases in approximately one year of service."

"Meanwhile between stable releases, the porters work on the development track, (where y is odd). When 5.6.0 was released, work began on 5.7.0 (development track) to eventually become 5.8.0. Naturally, releases on the development track happen much more frequently than those on the stable track, but don't think that you should be using a development Perl to get the latest and greatest features or just because your stable version of last year seems old in comparison to the bright and shiny Perl released last week. No guarantees whatsoever are made about a development release of Perl." (Learning Perl, Fifth Edition by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, brian d foy; 348 pages; O'Reilly Media, Inc.; (June 2008) )

what does everyone think about this method?

Ken Nielson
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