[torquedev] SVN Access

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed May 6 21:42:17 MDT 2009

----- "Josh Butikofer" <josh at clusterresources.com> wrote:

> Let us know if you run into problems with this new address.

When I try to use SVN to switch to the new location I get:

$ svn switch svn://svn.clusterresources.com/torque/
svn: 'svn://www.clusterresources.com/torque'
is not the same repository as

Any ideas ?

Likewise git-svn also cannot switch to the repository,
it says:

$ git config svn-remote.svn.url svn://svn.clusterresources.com/torque/trunk
$ git svn rebase
Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

I can still clone the repository though with (for example):

$ git svn clone svn://svn.clusterresources.com/torque/trunk

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