[torquedev] binary change to .JB files in 2.3-fixes branch!

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 17:09:45 MDT 2009

the change

#define PBS_MAXHOSTNAME  64 /* max host name length */


#define PBS_MAXHOSTNAME  1024 /* max host name length */

results in a change in the size of the ji_qs struct, which is what is
saved in the .JB file.  This requires adding support for this upgrade
to job_qs_upgrade so existing .JB files get upgraded to the new struct
layout after a TORQUE upgrade, and it would be impossible to downgrade
to a previous 2.3 release without draining the system of running jobs.

this is how the size of ji_jobid in the ji_qs struct is defined:

#define PBS_MAXSERVERNAME PBS_MAXHOSTNAME /* max server name length */
PBS_MAXPORTNUM + PBS_MAXJOBARRAYLEN + 2 ) /* server job id size */

This change _needs_ to be pulled out of 2.3-fixes. We should not be
making changes to this structure in "bug fix" releases.  I am going to
change this back to 64 in 2.3-fixes, and leave it as 1024 in trunk.

Also, we really should not be adding new features into 2.3-fixes
(accounting_keep_days, log_keep_days, lock_file).

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