[torquedev] poll() vs select() in torque

Michael Barnes barnes at jlab.org
Mon Mar 23 14:51:50 MDT 2009

At our site, we are having issues with pbs_server running out of 
file descriptors.  We have increased the number of available
file descriptors to the process, and then we are seeing similar
problems under heavy load.

I believe that the reason for thest problems is that now the number
of filehandles now goes beyond FD_SETSIZE.

Any suggestions on fixing this?  Is it OK just to redefine
__FD_SETSIZE or should I go though and change all of the select() calls to
poll()?  If its best to change over to poll(), is this something that
should be integrated into torque?

This will be relatively easy for Linux, but I don't know how portable
poll() is on other systems.

Comments, suggestions?


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