[torquedev] pbsdsh and number of processors allocated

Craig Macdonald craigm at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Thu Jun 18 10:53:57 MDT 2009

Having spent a bit of time with Fuse, (and a Fuse->Java via JNI module) 
I'd have to say it was a pain. I'd prefer that Torque didnt have a Fuse 

Signal seems OK. Do the sister moms already have $PBS_NODEFILE?


Garrick wrote:
> Since some of my users have started using sshfs religiously, I've been 
> thinking the same thing. Pbsfs could be pretty cool.
> HPCC/Linux Systems Admin
> On Jun 18, 2009, at 7:48 AM, Michael Barnes <barnes at jlab.org> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 12:05:56PM +0100, Craig Macdonald wrote:
>>> Would there be some mechanism for notifying running processes of a
>>> change? Or would they be expected to poll a file. Lets say it's called
>>> $PBS_CPUCOUNTFILE, and just contains the number of processors that the
>>> job has allocated.
>> Ever since FUSE came around I always thought it would be nice if there
>> were a PBS_FS FUSE module.  This would be simple to implement for modern
>> OSes like Linux, OSX, and FreeBSD.  I would see it like $PBS_O_WORKDIR
>> to have directories like:
>> and inside of the JOBID there would be things like /proc/cpuinfo for the
>> CPU, things like:
>> state: queued
>> cpus: 8
>> nodes: 2
>> qtime: 12345678
>> mtime: 12345678
>> ctime: 12345678
>> cpuset: /Charlie
>> mom_host: node01.here
>> this_host: node02.here
>> hostlist: node01.here node02.here
>> or whatever people feel as necessary.  People are already using awk,
>> perl, sed, and cat to get some of this info from qstat, pbsnodes, the
>> $PBS_NODEFILE, etc.  All of these things are hacks.  I would believe it
>> would be nice to have a more unified /proc style interface to the batch
>> system.
>> Environment variables are a PITA.  They don't survive going across
>> machines very well, and they are difficult to get the right environment
>> variable on this host vs that host.
>> I've been looking at FUSE for some time, and its only had fairly
>> pedagogical/proof of concept uses thus far, and I've always felt that
>> something like a batch system could take advantage of an overlayed FUSE
>> filesystem make things more coherant.
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