[torquedev] Versioning Issues & Development Roadmap

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Thu Jun 18 00:24:51 MDT 2009

----- "Josh Butikofer" <josh at clusterresources.com> wrote:

Just a couple of quick comments..

> TORQUE 2.4 - possible release around August 30th?
>     * Complete 2.3-fixes merge
>     * A single new feature: CPU affinity (very basic implementation)

Um, isn't this just what the current 2.3 cpusets does ?

> TORQUE 2.5 - possible release before winter (November 1st?)
>     * TORQUE testing framework (multi pbs_mom's model)
>     * Eliminate need for privileged ports (configurable)
>     * CPUsets improvements

I suspect we should rather be concentrating on cgroups
support (which cpusets is now one part of) as that gives
far more controlability..

So what I was thinking there was abstracting out the
current cpuset support so that you can choose either
cpuset or cgroup support at compile time.

> TORQUE 3.0 - release sometime next year?
>     * Add code to help better support GPU's in clusters

What would you be looking for in this ?

Certainly cgroup support in the kernel includes device
whitelisting (see Documentation/cgroups/devices.txt) and
so Torque could remove access to unrequested GPU cards
for the job it's about to start.

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