[torquedev] pbs_mom crashing

Oliver Baltzer obaltzer at flagstonere.bm
Tue Jul 21 21:42:03 MDT 2009

Hi Glen,

Glen Beane wrote:
> the code in job_free referenced by that stack trace looks like this:
>   /* remove any malloc working attribute space */
>   for (i = 0;i < (int)JOB_ATR_LAST;i++)
>     {
>     job_attr_def[i].at_free(&pj->ji_wattr[i]);  /* this is line 509!! */
>     }
The core dump tells me i = 1:

(gdb) frame 6
#6  0x0000000000426814 in job_free (pj=0x5d7ae0) at job_func.c:509
509         job_attr_def[i].at_free(&pj->ji_wattr[i]);
(gdb) print i
$18 = 1

Though this is misleading as free_str is called with attr=0x5d7d50 which
is for i = 0:

(gdb) print &pj->ji_wattr[0]
$21 = (attribute *) 0x5d7d50
(gdb) print &pj->ji_wattr[1]
$22 = (attribute *) 0x5d7d70

So I am not really sure what the value of i is. If it is in fact i = 1,
then there must be some sort of stack corruption between job_free and
free_str, which moves the value of the pointer passed to free_str by 32
bytes, which then causes a double-free of pj->ji_wattr[0].at_val.at_str
rather than a free of pj->ji_wattr[1].at_val.at_str.

I hope this helps. I am going to try to dig into it some more tomorrow.



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