[torquedev] Enhancement for pam_pbssimpleauth

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Fri Jul 17 05:17:17 MDT 2009

Garrick Staples wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 01:00:55PM +0200, Bas van der Vlies alleged:
>> There is no entry for in Bugzilla, That is why i post the attachment. This
>> patch replace the syslog routins with the pam_syslog() function. So that if
>> pam_pbssimpleauth produces output it will behave the same as other pam
>> modules and the output is directed to the same log file.
> Is pam_syslog() portable?  We might need a test in configure for it.
Garrick it is not that portable it is a LINUX_PAM extension.  I just tested
it on debian:
 - debian etch not available
 - debian lenny it is available

So it available on systems where LINUX_PAM is installed with the right

For now i will only incorporate it in my debian package so it will behave
like the other pam modules.


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