[torquedev] OS X outstanding issues

Joshua Bernstein jbernstein at penguincomputing.com
Sun Jan 11 21:31:16 MST 2009

On Jan 11, 2009, at 7:19 PM, Glen Beane wrote:

> 2) authentication issues.  This one is a little harder for me to debug
> on my laptop, since it only appears to happen with multi-node jobs.
> It would be helpful if CRI had a couple of Leopard systems they could
> set TORQUE up on for me to do testing on.

I've got two Macs at home, though they just both running 10.4. Is  
this something thats only isolated to Leopard? Or does it also happen  
with Tiger?

Where are we on getting the new public bug tracker up?

-Joshua Bernstein
Software Engineer
Penguin Computing

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