[torquedev] [PATCH] Change pbs_mom to set RLIMIT_AS instead of RLIMIT_DATA for mem/pmem limits.

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Sat Jan 10 16:52:39 MST 2009

----- "David Singleton" <David.Singleton at anu.edu.au> wrote:

Hi Dave!

> Hi Chris,
> I have to agree with Ake:
>   * mem/pmem is for limiting RSS/physical memory use
>   * vmem/pvmem is for limiting virtual memory/address ranges

But that's not what pbs_mom is designed to do, currently
it sets RLIMIT_DATA for (p)mem which limits what a program
can get with malloc() *if* it uses brk().

All the patch was designed to do was to get pbs_mom back
to setting a limit that was enforced by malloc() whether
it chose brk() or mmap() to get that memory.

But as Ake pointed out in a private email what is accounted
for in the limits that are tested by RLIMIT_AS are quite
different, and I was thinking in terms of where the limits
are applied and not what was being counted!

I wonder if the best solution is to make it a site policy
decision as this was out of requests from people to get
Torque to set these limits to stop processes allocating more
RAM than what they have requested.

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