[torquedev] torque bugzilla

Toni L. Harbaugh-Blackford [Contr] harbaugh at ncifcrf.gov
Tue Jan 6 12:55:55 MST 2009

 On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 7:53 PM, Glen Beane <glen.beane at gmail.com> wrote:
 > So we had a short discussion about this before the holidays.    I
 > think it would be very good for community involvement to revive TORQUE
 > bugzilla.  I know it may cause a little extra work to keep it in sync
 > with the internal CRI support system, but since TORQUE is an open
 > source community project (in theory, there don't seem to be too many
 > community patches coming anymore) I think most bugs belong out in a
 > publicly accessible place.  I understand users with paid support will
 > want to log their issues in the same place they log their Moab issues,
 >  but if it turns out to be a new bug, someone should log it in
 > bugzilla as well.

I used the 'old' torque bugzilla when we had a Mac OS X cluster, and I
thought it worked really well for folks who wanted to contribute.  So
I too would like to see it revived.


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