[torquedev] Reorganizing TORQUE Source Code

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Tue Feb 24 15:19:27 MST 2009

TORQUE Developers:

Over the past few months I've been looking through the TORQUE source code and 
trying to find ways to improve its organization. I've found that there are 
several pieces of code that are data structures and utility functions used in 
both pbs_server and pbs_mom that are NOT part of the shared library package. 
This is fine, except for the fact that in some cases the functions/data 
structures are defined twice--once in pbs_mom code and once in pbs_server code. 
Oftentimes it is a direct copy and paste. In my mind this is not only silly, but 
potentially dangerous, as keeping these two copies in sync is a maintenance burden.

I've also found that I want to add a generic function to TORQUE, but am forced 
to add it to some unrelated module like "job_func.c"...even though it has 
NOTHING to do with jobs, per se.

So I have a proposal.

We would like to create a new "utility" module in TORQUE. This C module would be 
statically linked into both the pbs_server and pbs_mom at compile time. It would 
NOT be part of the shared library, but it would still be found in its own 
"Libutil" directory. We would move any functions defined/used by both pbs_server 
and pbs_mom into this module, as well as any other functions that are generic 
enough that it would warrant their placement there.

We already have a patch to do this work and are eager to check it in. I just 
wanted to double check if there are any objections or if anyone has any 
reservations. We plan on introducing this reorganized code into the next version 
of TORQUE 2.3.x. (No code logic is actually changing, so the functionality 
should remain exactly the same.)

Let me know what you think.


Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.

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