[torquedev] load balance multiple simultaneous torque daemons

Ramon Bastiaans ramon.bastiaans at sara.nl
Fri Feb 20 08:29:23 MST 2009


I understand it is now possible to run 2 Torque daemons in failover
configuration, However 1 daemon then sleeps until it is needed to failover.

Wouldn't it be possible to allow those 2 daemons run simultaneously next
to each other? That way it would be possible to load balance job
submission across multiple Torque daemons. Not that Torque generates
such a heavy load, but I feel letting 1 daemon do nothing all day is
such a waste.

Perhaps in stead of a global (per-daemon) locking mechanism a sort of
per-job/per-node locking mechanism or something could be used for this,
assuming the server_priv directory is shared and and has no delayed

Just a thought, maybe I'm way off here.

Kind regards,
- Ramon.

R. Bastiaans, B.ICT :: Systems Programmer, HPC&V

SARA - Computing & Networking Services
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1098 XG Amsterdam NL 1090 GP Amsterdam NL
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