[torquedev] Torquedev list as CC for all Bugzillla emails ?

Jared Bristow jbristow at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Dec 30 14:45:43 MST 2009

Okay - looks like this is working now. For old bugs, the torquedev list will need to be added t o the cc list - I can do that for all some odd 45 bugs if you want me to, or one of you admin rights and do it, or pick and choose which bugs you want it on. 

One final thing: do you prefer these bug emails moderated, or should I see if we can get them to go out automatically without being moderated? 

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Okay, we added the tourquedev at supercluster.org user to bugzilla, and added it to the default CC list for each of the components. Josh tried modifying a bug to see if an email went out, but we didn't see one. We're wondering if updates will only go out for new bugs. In any case, we've added the user. 

yes, I think you need to edit the CC list for existing bugs if you want torquedev to be CC'd 

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