[torquedev] BLCR with Torque

Michel Béland michel.beland at rqchp.qc.ca
Tue Dec 15 14:06:52 MST 2009


We are trying to use BLCR with Torque 2.4.3 and MPI jobs here. We are 
facing some problems. We started by configuring Torque to be able to 
checkpoint sequential jobs. This works pretty well now. The 
checkpointing script runs cr_checkpoint with the process id of the shell 
above the PBS script.

When we request more that one node, Torque starts a pbs_demux process 
below the shell that we try to checkpoint. When cr_checkpoint runs, it 
fails. If we kill pbs_demux annd try again, we can get a checkpoint 
(maybe unusable).

Does anybody know why pbs_demux perturbs the checkpointing procedure and 
what we can do to make it work? After solving this problem, we have to 
checkpoint the MPI program itself, but that is another story...

Michel Béland, analyste en calcul scientifique
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