[torquedev] SVN Branches

Ken Nielson knielson at clusterresources.com
Tue Aug 18 08:33:31 MDT 2009

Simon Toth wrote:
> Until now, I was just working with trunk, but because I will have to
> produce some patches for 2.3 release I decided to fetch all SVN branches
> and I'm a bit scared now :-)
> Can someone please tell me what are all the branches about? There are
> five 2.3 branches.
> I'm using git for local storage. Any tips how to find release commits?

The 2.3-fixes branch is the repository to all 2.3 fixes. It is the 
future 2.3.8.
2.3-multimom is 2.3-fixes with the ability to run multiple moms from the 
same host. Attached is a document explaining how to use the multi-mom 
2.3-trans is currently a sink for new features that do not have a home yet.
2.3-yahoo is a branch for yahoo. The changes in this branch contain 
changes which are specific to yahoo's environment.

I do not know what the 2.3-extreme branch is for.

For patches you will want to use the 2.3-fixes branch.

Ken Nielson
Adaptive Computing

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