[torquedev] Eureka - IPv6 compiled for the first time

Matti Bickel cat5 at minet.uni-jena.de
Sun Oct 26 14:08:52 MDT 2008

Hi folks,

i just committed r2554 to the ipv6 branch of torque. This is the first
version, that compiles for me. I'm now going to start it up for the
first time and see it explode like a firework...

If you want to see the fireworks display, too, join the fun and check
out the ipv6 branch. I very much welcome comments and patches.
I KNOW, my code is FAR from perfect. In particular, the handling of ipv4
vs. ipv6 in pbsd and rpp code seems way off. Holding sockets for each
version seems unpractical to me, but was the first solution i came up

So flame away, i've my asbesto suit on ;)
Regards, Matti Bickel
Signed/Encrypted email preferred (key 4849EC6C)
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