[torquedev] Overriding command line options in the Torque submitfilter ?

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Thu May 22 23:42:14 MDT 2008

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a way in the Torque
submit_filter to override the command line options
that are set as arguments to the filter ?

In the near future we're going to be automatically
specifying users default projects in their PBS scripts
using the submit filter, and if they make a typo and
pick someone elses project (or one they are not in any
more) in their PBS script we will just convert it to their

Obviously should they specify a non-default project that
they are in then we'll leave it alone.

So far so good, and that all works.

Problem is that if they specify it on the command line
I reckon it'll override whatever we write into the script
and the best we could do is parse the command line arguments
and reject the job by exiting with -1 should they pick
a project they're not in.

We'd *much* rather be able to change the parameter, but
looking at the qsub code I can't see any way for that
to happen.

Any clues, or anything I've missed ?

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 The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
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