[torquedev] IPv6 configuration

Matti Bickel cat5 at minet.uni-jena.de
Thu May 8 15:49:51 MDT 2008

Hi folks,

good news: i'm still (again) working on the ipv6 version of torque.
But i've come to a point, where i need some advice. There's a lot of
code in my ipv6 branch now that reacts to a sa_family_t parameter, doing
things differently if you pass it AF_INET oder AF_INET6 (or even
AF_UNIX). This basically means all library code is sa_family_t aware and
the main server/mom code just needs to pass the right parameter.

However *somewhere* this parameter needs to be determined. And i'm
wondering how. In light of what other programs with IPv4/6 capabilities
do, i could

* add --4, --6, --4only, --6only commandline switches to let the user
  select if he prefers IPv4, IPv6 or wants one of them exclusively

* add a configuration parameter to the torque config files

* do something entirely different like starting as much as i can, given
  the underlying system

Each of the options would only have a effect if --enable-ipv6 is passed
during configure and the system is ipv6 capable (cygwin still isn't, but
i've grabbed a ipv4 getaddrinfo, so calls to this would finally
be possible :).

I can see the pros/cons of each of the three proposals, but unsure which
is the torque way to go for this.

Please lemme know what you think and how you would like it to be
implemented, so i can finish the ipv6 capable server maybe as soon as
the coming two weeks (that is, finish making it compile and start up,
NOT running perfectly!)

With kind regards,
Matti Bickel
Encrypted/Signed Email preferred

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